Gymnastics Movement Workshops



1 Hour Workshop at $35 p/p

2 Hour Workshop at $45 p/p


1. Handstands and/or Handstand Walks

Key components: Midline Strength and Stability

2. Muscle ups

Key components: Kipping Movements, Swings


The aim of my workshops is to increase the participants’ knowledge and understanding of gymnastics specific movements and the various ways to execute them. The participant will leave with a better understanding of gymnastics, and how it relates to body movement and awareness.

The workshop looks at breaking down the chosen topic of movement, focusing on the mechanics of that movement and how best to perform them. I have developed my own style of teaching gymnastics to the general public. Rather than just teaching the movement, I create an environment where the student develops a better understanding of the mechanics of movements. I take an in depth look at which exercises the person can do to increase their capacity, strength and efficiency to perform the skill being learned/taught.

These workshop options cater to anyone looking to improve any specific gymnastics movement in their training, no matter what their level of experience. There will be opportunities for Q and A throughout the session where the participants can raise questions about any challenges, creating a team learning atmosphere.



In this area of movement there will be a focus on inversions from headstand working up to handstand. There will be emphasis on the strength and mobility of the core stability and shoulder strength. We will look at the correct positioning for a handstand and how to build to a freestanding handstand followed by handstand walks.

Midline Strength Stability

In the sport of gymnastics one of the main focusses is on midline strength, conditioning and stability as it plays a key role in movement execution. Different movement patterns will be looked at, focusing on how to strengthen the midline in those positions and postures.

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In this area the Muscle Up movement is broken down into three main elements. These elements are analyzed and we look at ways to improve them individually by incorporating specific drills and workouts into the athlete’s current training. This is followed by ways of putting the three elements together, and tools for self-practice as well as spotting or assisting others.

Kipping Movement + Swings

In this are the focus is the kipping movement, the different ways to kip and how it can be used in Crossfit movements. There will be a build from a basic kipping swing to a full “gymnastics kip” and how that can be used in workouts.


“I attended one of Carel’s muscle up clinics late 2016. I took away valuable progressions to improve this skill and loved every bit of it. Carel ran this clinic professionally and friendly with a wealth of knowledge. I would definitely attend another one and also refer others. Thanks Flow Fitness.”

Gareth Luiscius

“Would highly recommend for people to try the muscle up workshop if you want to get a muscle up! Or even help you through the progressions to get you on your way. Carel is the person to speak too! His explanations and guidance are fantastic.”

Paul McCurran

“I attended Carel’s handstand clinic at Crossfit Red Dragon, his knowledge of the technique behind gymnastic movements and ability to communicate them to a class in a practical way is really impressive. I learned a lot and would definitely attend another session with Carel!”

Jessica Greenland